I have know Brian all his life, and have always admired his concern and trust in fellow humans. It is time we have a government of people who will be honest, loyal and true to American principles. I believe Brian does and will continue to be true to his roots. — Rev. Dr. Neil E. Rand

I’ve known Brian for over ten years. I feel he is a great person all around and would do a great job on the council. He is not in my district, but I hope to have him serving Champaign on the council. — Kevin Hastings

I’ve known Brian for many years and would be happy to have him representing us in our district. He is a man of his word, hard working, family and community oriented. He has my vote for sure. — Steve Carmichael

I’ve known Brian Ames for years and think he’ll make a great addition to the Champaign City Council. I fully support his run for this office. — Norm Fisher

I would like everyone eligible to vote in our district to vote for Brian. I have 40 years experience observing leaders in both military and civilian spheres, and Brian possesses energy, perspective, and common sense–all necessary qualities for government–at any level–to be effective. — Steven Holland

I have worked with Brian on the Ironwood Homeowners Association for 10 years. He has dedicated himself to our association as a board member and our president. I know all the qualitiies that he has exhibited will transfer to representing our district on the Champaign Council. He will put our interest above everything else. — Steve Behrensmeyer



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